Transform your backyard into a rustic haven with our charming backyard barns! Whether you’re looking for extra storage space, a workshop, or a cozy retreat, our barns offer versatility and timeless appeal. Crafted with durable materials and customizable designs, these barns blend seamlessly into any landscape, adding character and functionality to your outdoor space. Imagine unwinding in your own backyard sanctuary, surrounded by the warmth of natural wood and the tranquility of the countryside. From storing gardening tools to hosting intimate gatherings, our backyard barns provide endless possibilities for creating memories and enhancing your lifestyle. Upgrade your outdoor living experience today with our exquisite backyard barns!

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50 Year Termite Treated Wall Warranty

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Design Your Own Building!

We want you to have control over your portable buildings. Customize your structure with our 3D builder to see exactly what it will look like, and get a price tag to go along with it.

Our Barns

High Barns

This wooden backyard barn is one of our most popular structures! If you are looking to maximize your storage space while giving your property a beautiful building, you can’t go wrong with the High Barn shed! There are so many other uses besides storage that are only limited to your imagination. Did you know that you can renovate a High Barn shed to live in? Contact us for more details! Create your High Barn with our 3D builder, or browse our inventory to see all of our backyard barns that are currently in stock.

Side Lofted Barns

If you are looking for a more modern backyard barn, the Side Lofted Barn is going to be the best option for you. With the door located on the side wall along with 2 windows, you can also customize the colors to reflect your unique design! The storage and space that comes from having the door in the middle of the side instead of the end is priceless. Find out more about our Side Lofted Barns by clicking below!

Regular Barn Shed

The Regular Barn Shed is anything but ordinary. The minimization in height compared with the high barn allows for a less expensive structure. While you can still maximize your storage and use of your regular backyard barn space, you can now do so without breaking the bank. Find out more about these unique structures, request a quote, design them in 3D, and learn about their specs by following the button below.

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