Experience the ultimate in flexibility and convenience with our range of portable cabins. Whether you're looking for temporary housing, a remote office solution, or an event space that can go wherever you need it, our portable cabins are the answer. Engineered for mobility without sacrificing comfort, these cabins are built to withstand diverse climates and terrain, ensuring a reliable and comfortable environment wherever you go. With customizable layouts and amenities, you can tailor your cabin to suit your specific needs, whether it's a cozy retreat in nature or a fully-equipped workspace on the move. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional structures and embrace the freedom of portable living with our innovative cabins.

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7 Year Workmanship Warranty

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40 Year Metal Roof Warranty

50 Year Termite Treated Wall Warranty

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Design Your Own Building!

We want you to have control over your portable buildings. Customize your structure with our 3D builder to see exactly what it will look like, and get a price tag to go along with it.

Our Cabins

Utility Cabins

Our wooden backyard barn stands as a favorite among our customers! If you’re aiming to optimize storage while enhancing your property’s charm, the high barn shed is the ideal solution. Its versatility goes beyond storage, limited only by your creativity. Did you know you could even convert a high barn shed into a livable space? Contact us for further details! Design your own high barn using our 3D builder, or explore our inventory to discover all the backyard barns currently available.

Side Cabins

Escape to the perfect weekend getaway with our side cabins. With multiple sizes, porch options, window additions, and more, you can create your second home exactly to your liking. Built with high-quality materials and affordability in mind, your next vacation can be a permanent investment without breaking the bank. Explore all the features of our Side Cabins and start customizing yours today!

Barn Cabins

The regular barn is anything but ordinary. The minimization in height compared with the high barn allows for a less expensive structure. While you can still maximize your storage or use of your regular backyard barn space, you can now do so without breaking the bank. Find out more about these unique structures and their specs by clicking the button below.

Side Lofted Barn Cabins

One of the biggest and top-of-the-line cabins is the side lofted barn cabin. These portable cabins help create the perfect space to relax and unwind. Whether at the lake, in the mountains, or anywhere in between… you can rest assured that you are getting quality when it comes to these portable cabins. Check out our custom options to make the inside of your side lofted barn cabin energy-efficient! Find out more about getting back to the outdoors with this cabin.

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